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M.E.H. Pool Services, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Mark Howard, fresh from his honeymoon. He single-handedly grew the company from a one man personal route to the established valley business it is today, all the while maintaining the same strong work ethic, high standards, and integrity that gave him his first start, transcending the years and establishing a successful business simply by word of mouth. Today, MEH Pool Services, Inc. services over 600 accounts approximating to 1700 stops (including several of the valley’s sporting facilities), and we feel that expertise, on going training, and our drive to provide the best customer service in the valley has perpetuated our forward growth and excellent ratings within the industry, with consumers and vendors alike!

Even though our company has grown, we still pride ourselves on maintaining that small, local business feel. We are locally run, family owned and operated. Both Mark and his wife Bobbi have been married and working to build this business for their ever growing family, and among the employed are all three of their children, close neighbors and friends, and their children as well. This company is not simply a paycheck to us. It is our legacy. It is our future, not just for those at present, but for generations to come.

We look forward to maintaining a long partnership with all of our customers, and are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and comfort. We cut no corners, and take pride in making your pool the show piece for your residence, as it has so long been for ours!


MEH Pool Services provides various pool and spa services to accommodate all of our customer’s needs. If you do not see the service you need on this list, please send us a message with our QUICK CONTACT FORM above  or call us at 602-993-0552!
Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

Weekly, bi-weekly (excluding summer months), and two or more weekly stops provided. For each body of water, this service includes

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Equipment installation and repair

Experienced in all equipment repairs on any and everything pool related

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Surface/Deck/Tile repairs

Pool surface patches and crack repair,  and Decking patches and crack repair.

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Diagnostics and Education

Pinpoint issues in equipment system, Leaks, Air in Lines, Equipment failures ect

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Acid Washes and Chlorine Baths

Includes a drain and start up chemicals

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Pool Draining and Refill

Drain pool with portable pump, refill (customer to provide water for refill), and add start up chemicals

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Pristiva Salt Water Pool Care System


Pristiva Salt Water Pool Care System works so well. We use it in our pool and we literally have not had to clean our salt cell for a year. You can use the primer and […]

  • Arizona Department of Health Services

Residential Pool Safety Notice


The purpose of this notice is to educate residential pool* owners on the legal requirements of pool ownership and proper pool safety. Each year in Arizona, too many young children are victims of drowning or […]