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Did You Know?

Cyanuric Acid, more commonly known as conditioner or stabilizer, is found in several types of shock and chlorine tablets. This means that every time you use a chlorine tab, you are adding conditioner to your water! Conditioner does not leave your water unless the water is physically drained out of your pool, so over time conditioner levels can get quite high.

Latest News

Bobbi's Pool Supply will be closed on Sundays from October 6th 2013- March 2nd 2014! Saturday and standard week day hours of 9AM-6PM will resume through the winter.

What We Do For You

MEH Pool Services is a premier provider of several pool and spa services. Some fo the various services we provide are:

  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Equipment Installation
  • Equipment Repair
  • Drain and Refill
  • Acid Wash

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